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Cyrillic PTD600VPR1

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The PT-D600VP is a versatile, PC-connectable label maker well suited for a variety of labeling usages in a business environment. Quickly create professional-looking labels using the built-in keyboard, or connect to a computer to create more personalized labels. The intuitive, full-color, graphical display offers easy access to formatting menus as well as the ability to preview actual label appearance before printing. Just type, format and print. You can even save up to 99 labels in the large memory, a great time-saving feature. This labeling kit includes an AC adapter, USB cable, as well as a carry case, which gives you the flexibility for on-the-go use or storing additional tapes.
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  • Full-color graphical display
    You can view label appearance before printing.
  • PC-connectable
    You can use stand-alone, or connected to a PC or Mac for added design capabilities.
  • Split-back tapes
    It uses durable, easy-peel tapes in 5 different widths up to 24mm (approx. 1").
  • Supports large character printing
    You can print up to 8 font sizes.
  • Multi-line labels
    It prints labels with up to 7 lines of text.
  • Personalize labels
    It uses 14 fonts, 11 styles, 99 frames, over 600 symbols, plus barcodes.
  • Large memory
    Save up to 99 commonly used labels and help save time with reprinting.
  • Specialty templates
    Print labels for asset management, cable labeling - even add time and date.
  • High-resolution PC-printing
    It is used for crisp graphic, barcode, and logo printing.
  • Super-fast print speeds
    You can print fast with Automatic Tape Cutter for high-volume jobs.
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    Кирилизиран PTD600VPR1
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    2 години


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