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MS N9Z-00022 All-in-One Media Keyboard USB Port Eng Intl Euro Hdwr

Цена: 69.60лв.
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The All-in-One Media Keyboard is the perfect device for your living room or home office. It has a fullsize keyset and an integrated multi-touch trackpad—type, swipe, drag, zoom, and click with ease. It has customizable media hotkeys that put the web and your favorite music, photos, and movies at your fingertips. The keyboard also has a durable design, so there’s no need to sweat the bumps, drops, or spills of everyday life. The All-in-One Media Keyboard is all you need for comfortable typing and effortless navigation.
  •  Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 200лв.

     100% оригинални продукти

     Оторизиран сервиз!

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  • Integrated multi-touch trackpad provides effortless navigation
  • Customizable media hotkeys provide one-touch access to your content
  • Wireless connectivity (USB)
  • Durable, spill-resistant design
  • Volume controls are positioned for easy access
  • Basic keyboard functionality works with select USB HID compliant Smart TVs and gaming consoles
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