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Начало Компоненти и периферия Периферия Клавиатури MICROSOFT APB-00013 Wired Desktop 600 USB Port PL/RO Hdwr Black

MICROSOFT APB-00013 Wired Desktop 600 USB Port PL/RO Hdwr Black

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  • Comfort for either hand
    Use your mouse with your left or right hand - ambidextrous design makes it comfortable either way.
  • Scroll wheel
    Move through your documents quickly without having to click on the on-screen scroll bar.
  • Spill-resistant design
    Enjoy a beverage while you work - integrated water channels drain liquid away.
  • Optical technology
    Navigate with better speed, accuracy and reliability - the optical sensor tracks movement on a variety of surfaces without clogged mouse parts.
  • Quiet Touch keys
    Type with your hands in a more natural position on the quiet, responsive, thin-profile keys.
  • Media center
    Control the most-used media activities (play/pause, volume up, volume down, and mute) with four hot keys.
  • Технология:
    С кабел
  • Брой бутони:
  • Комплект:
  • Персонализирани бутони/Hotkeys:
    Calculator, Mute, Play/Pause, Потенциометър за звук, Multimedia Function
  • Други:
    Resistance to liquids; Provide convenient access to frequently used features in Windows 8; Quickly access Calculator, volume controls, mute, and play/pause; Designed for Comfort. Comfortable in left or right hand; Scroll wheel; Optical Technology
  • Размери (Д x В x Ш мм):
    Keyboard: 456 x 160; Mouse: 113.4 x 57.9
  • Интерфейс клавиатура:
  • Тегло (кг):
    0.595 kg
  • Тип:


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