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3D очила BenQ Projectors 3D Glasses DGD5

Цена: 72.20лв.
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  • Х-ка 1:
    Open your eyes to the fantastic world of 3D visualization and let your imagination work its magic!
  • Х-ка 2:
    The BenQ 3D goggles are exceptionally designed to provide an immersive 3D viewing experience with BenQ’s DLP® Link-enabled projectors.
  • Х-ка 3:
    Supported DLP Link technology, it requires only one projector to deliver the stunning stereoscopic 3D effects you get in 3D movies – making them the perfect choice for education and home entertainment use.
  • Х-ка 4:
    Just put on your BenQ 3D goggles, throw in the 3D content and get the show ready for the road!
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