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The return of a merchandise purchased online by is very easy. Your legal RIGHT is to cancel your online purchase within 14 days.

We at, we want you to be sure about your purchase and WELCOME this deadline. Products eligible to be returned and purchased online from can be returned to us within 30 days. If you intend to return a product, you have 30 days to do so without giving an explanation of the reason for the return. Please read the information below to make sure that you have complied with all return conditions, complete the return request and send the product to us. Valid for the territory of Bulgaria, both for individuals and legal entities.

Keep the original packaging and complete package of the resulting product. Keep everything, really everything - boxes, books, nylons and bags

You have the right to test the purchased product and make sure you like it, but you are required to keep it in a perfect condition and look. The returned product should be free of traces of use, scratches, no traces of shocks, and all the protective coatings that the product had when it was produced.

Original packaging, all books and papers, incl. ownership documents must be sound, not scratched or damaged.

When purchasing several identical products, only 1 piece of unpacked product can be returned. The rest will only be accepted if all the boxes / packages are sealed and their integrity is not damaged

The shipping costs for the return of the product are borne by you.

It is important to know which products do not need to come back:
Any type of headphones that are placed in the ear canal and have been printed;

Printers and any type of printing device if their consumables have been printed;

Electrical appliances of category "Care for you" (epilators, razors, etc.)

Electrical appliances of the categories 'kitchen appliances' and 'home appliances' which have traces of use;

Special orders - order for a product that is not available in the warehouse of and will be ordered specifically for you. You will be notified in advance that the goods are a special order and do not qualify for return;

Paid amounts for services already consumed - repair, installation of software, concluded insurance of the equipment, purchased additional guarantees;

Transport costs, payment and cash on delivery charges (upon returning the equipment, you will not be reimbursed for the transportation, payment or cash payment charges paid by you at the time of purchase);

Goods that are not in its original packaging or missing parts of it, as well as a damaged, broken or broken serial number and / or warranty label;

Goods with poor appearance and visible traces of use - body scratches, keyboard, screen, chargers and more. scratches;

Video and audio recordings, computer programs, games and other software available in digital format (CD, DVD, download, activation codes, etc.);

Consumables (batteries, toners, stationery, etc.) whose packages have been printed;

Laptops and computers with preinstalled operating system if it has been deleted and replaced with another;

Toshiba laptops with registered "No matter what" and "Reliability" laptops, Asus laptops with registered "Reliability" guarantee;

Goods with registered original warranties in the manufacturer's system;

Products to which the operating system was changed or other programs that were present at the delivery of the product;

Password-protected equipment, user-entered or custom-configured for user accounts, which prevents the device from being brought to its original software status;

Once we receive the returned product, the contents of the shipment will be reviewed and processed by our team;

In order to avoid product misuse, we will review and test the returned equipment at our authorized service center. If no damage is found, it can be replaced. Normally, the deadline for receiving a response from us, whether the technique can be replaced, is up to 3 business days;

The value of the returned products will be refunded within 14 calendar days to the account you specified in the return request;

Save information:

IMPORTANT: is not responsible for any information recorded on a notebook computer, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, hard drive or other data carrier. You must know that by returning the goods to us, any information will be deleted.

Liability for damages caused by breaking, scratching, flooding, burning, etc. impacts excluding custom testing and use of the Products by the User.

Upon acceptance of returned goods by the User, we reserve the right to inspect products for damages and impacts

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