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Returns of product under warranty offers products with guaranteed origin, high quality and guaranteed service from the manufacturer. All the products we sell are delivered with a warranty card, which may be from the manufacturer or issued by Trichkov and Sons Ltd.


To start a complaint procedure, call at 0878 999 444. After the consultation, you must send the product either to the manufacturer or service center of at the address indicated in website.

The transport costs to the manufacturer's workshop or workshop are at the expense of the customer. The product needs to be complete with booklets, disk drives, if any, cables and additional supporting documentation, and if possible in original packaging.

The goods are serviced within the legal term of the Republic of Bulgaria which is 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods in the workshop.



Section IV Right to Claim:
Art. 25. (1) The consumer is entitled to claim, regardless of whether the manufacturer has provided a guarantee in case of:
identified shortcomings;
defects of the goods;
non-compliance with the declared size;
inconsistency with the claimed trademark.
(2) The complaint for found deficiencies and obvious defects shall be submitted within three working days after the purchase of the good.
(3) The claim for hidden defects of the goods shall be claimed at their opening but not later than the term of the guarantee, if provided.
(4) A claim for non-compliance with the declared amount or trademark shall be made when the non-conformity is established, but not later than the term of the guarantee, if provided.
Art. 26. When making a claim, the consumer may claim:
reimbursement of the amount paid;
replacing the item with a new one;
discount off the price;
free repair.
Art. 27. (1) The trader shall be obliged to accept a claim throughout the working hours at the place of purchase of the goods or their address of management, unless otherwise stated in the guarantee document.
(2) The transport of large-scale goods (over 50 kg) for repair or replacement within the warranty period, as well as their return to the consumer, shall be carried out for the account of the trader. In order to make a discount from the price, the goods can be transported or re-valued on the spot at the expense of the merchant.
(3) The repair period shall be added to the warranty period.
Art. 28. In the event of a breach of warranty obligations or failure to accept a claim, the consumer may seek assistance from consumer associations, consumer protection authorities or conciliation commissions or may bring a claim in court. ...

Full text of the consumer protection law can be found here.

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